Insure What You Love: Comprehensive Jewelry Coverage

Insure What You Love: Comprehensive Jewelry Coverage

February 21, 2024

In a month that celebrates love, it's essential not to forget to protect what you love most, including your valuable jewelry. After all, those cherished pieces deserve the right coverage to ensure they're safeguarded against any unforeseen circumstances. Your homeowners insurance may provide some protection for your jewelry, but it might not be enough, especially if you have a significant collection or heirloom pieces. That's where additional coverage can ensure that your most treasured possessions are adequately insured.

So, what exactly is jewelry insurance? It's a specialized policy designed to provide coverage for your jewelry against a variety of risks, including theft, mysterious disappearance, and damage or destruction from events like fire. Jewelry insurance can help reimburse your financial losses or replace the item up to its specified value.

While your homeowners insurance may cover jewelry to some extent, its coverage is often limited, typically capping at around $1,500. To fully protect your jewelry, especially if it holds sentimental or substantial value, additional coverage is necessary. One option is to "schedule" personal property coverage, which involves listing each specific item and its value, typically determined by a professional appraisal. This ensures that your jewelry is adequately protected against a broader range of risks.

Considering scenarios where homeowners insurance covers jewelry, it typically includes theft, mysterious disappearance, and damage or loss due to covered natural disasters. However, it's crucial to note that certain events, such as floods or earthquakes, may not be covered. That's where a specialized jewelry floater can come in handy, offering tailored protection for valuable items like engagement rings, heirloom pieces, or other valuables.


As you prepare to celebrate love this month, whether it's through giving gifts to your loved ones, getting engaged, or cherishing heirloom jewelry, it's essential to ensure that these precious possessions are adequately protected.

Ultimately, whether jewelry insurance is worth the cost depends on the value of your collection and your risk tolerance. If your jewelry holds significant monetary or sentimental value, the protection afforded by insurance can offer peace of mind and financial security in the event of loss, damage, or theft. Talk to your agent at Associated Insurance Managers. We are here to help! (713) 365-8400



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