Insights from Two Elite Conferences

Insights from Two Elite Conferences

April 22, 2024

Recently, Christy Hogan, Principle of Personal Lines, was honored with the remarkable opportunity to attend two prestigious conferences with different carrier partners. These events not only showcased her expertise but also provided invaluable insights and networking opportunities within the insurance community.

2024 Travelers Leadership Conference (TLC)

The Travelers Leadership Conference stands as a pinnacle annual event that celebrates the collaborative efforts between Travelers and their Independent Agency partners. It's a gathering where industry professionals converge to discuss critical topics, exchange insights, and foster meaningful connections. Only the top 1% of all agents nationwide are privileged to attend this exclusive conference.

The agenda for TLC was as diverse as it was engaging. Mornings were filled with insightful business sessions, covering a range of topics crucial to the insurance landscape. Afternoons provided opportunities for recreational activities, fostering camaraderie among attendees. Evenings were reserved for social events, where bonds were strengthened over shared experiences.

Safeco/Liberty Mutual 2024 Central Region Women’s Event

Christy also had the privilege of attending the Safeco/Liberty Mutual 2024 Central Region Women’s Event, a gathering that left her feeling empowered and celebrated. Surrounded by intelligent and generous women, all of whom were insurance agency owners, Christy found herself inspired by their stories and motivated to share her own.

Held against the backdrop of the historic Fort Worth Stockyards at the Drover Hotel, this event embodied the theme of "Living Legendary." With a sub-theme of connecting with one's inner C.O.W.G.I.R.L. – Courage, Originality, Worthiness, Grit, Integrity, Resiliency, Legendary – attendees were encouraged to embrace their strengths and forge their own paths in the industry.

One highlight of the event was a visit to a hat bar, adding a touch of Texan flair to the proceedings and further fostering the sense of camaraderie among attendees.

Insights from the Events

Amidst the celebrations and networking opportunities, Christy also gathered valuable insights from both conferences. From discussions on the increasing frequency of catastrophic events to the challenges posed by a changing tort environment, these events shed light on the factors driving the rise in insurance premiums. With statistics highlighting the frequency of P&C catastrophic events and the impact of regulatory pressures, attendees gained a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape of the insurance industry.

Christy Hogan's journey at these two conferences exemplifies the dedication and expertise that define the insurance profession. By embracing opportunities for learning, networking, and personal growth, Christy continues to make a significant impact in the insurance community, shaping its future and our agency for the better.